The Riddle Class 7 Questions and Answers

West Bengal Board (WBBSE) class 7 The Riddle story all questions and answers. Here you can get MCQ, SAQ, and long-type question answers and also writing skills. The Riddle Class 7 Questions and Answers.

The Riddle Class 7 Questions and Answers

The Riddle Activity 1

Choose the correct answers from the given alternatives.

(a) Emperor Akbar was walking – in the royal garden.

(b) Birbal was Akbar’s –  most trusted and faithful minister.

(c) The emperor was – worried

(d) The fastest thing on earth is –  the human mind

(e) The neighbor was outwitted by – Birbal

Activity 2

Identify which of the following statements are true and which are false. Give a supporting statement for each of your answers.

(a) Answer: True

Supporting Statement: Because he couldn’t figure out the riddle, he couldn’t find the answer.

(b) Answer – False

Supporting Statement: “In his garden, there were many trees that grew the yummiest and juiciest fruits in the old Kingdom. Also, there were flowers of different shapes and sizes in every garden.”

(c) Answer – False

Supporting Statement – “Wise Birbal, observing this, inquired of Akbar, ‘O great and mighty King, what is troubling you in your travels?”

(d) Answer – True

Supporting Statement – he said, “Your Majesty, it is the human mind !”

(e) Answer – True

Supporting Statement – The wisdom of Birbal left people astonished.

Activity 3

What kind of text is this?

Answer- This text is a story.

Activity 4

Give another title to the story. Give reasons for your answer.

“Birbal’s Wisdom Puzzle” is another name for the story. It tells about Birbal’s cleverness in solving a tricky problem.”

Activity 5

Complete the sentences meaningfully.

(a) Answer – to solve a riddle that was troubling him.

(b) Answer – hearing the question of Akbar.

(c) Answer – The neighbor came to the realization that Birbal had outsmarted him,

(d) Answer – the human mind is

Activity 6

Ans: 1. Akbar could not find out the answer to a riddle.

Ans: 2. Birbal figured out the puzzle and showed that it was something people could understand.

Ans: 3. The man wanted to draw water from the well which he bought from his neighbor.

Activity 7

Answer the following questions :

(a) Ans: The famous king Akbar enjoyed art, science, books, and music.

(b) Ans: Akbar felt worried because he couldn’t figure out the answer to a puzzle, so he couldn’t relax.

(c) Ans: The man said he had a problem. He bought a well from his neighbor, but when he tried to get water from it, the neighbor asked him to pay for it.

(d) Ans: Birbal suggested that the person who wanted to buy should instead ask the seller to rent the well for storing water. Then, the seller understood his error and took back his demand. This is how Birbal fixed the issue.

Activity 8

Identify the words from the text which are the synonyms of the following words:

(a) Ans: puzzled

(b) Ans: claim

(c) Ans: dispute

(d) Ans: amazed

Activity 9

Complete the following sentences with the proper degree of adjectives:

(a) longest

(b) busier

(c) more careful

(d) thin

(e) wisest 

(f) farther 

Activity 10

Fill in the blanks with either Present Continuous Tense or Past Continuous Tense:

(a) is raining

(b) is visiting

(c) was studying

(d) are playing

(e) was talking

Activity 11

Suppose your friend asks you to solve a riddle and you don’t know the answer to it. Write a dialogue in about 75 words based on the conversation that you had with your friend.

Friend: Hey, want to hear a riddle?

Me: Sure, hit me with it!

Friend: What has keys but can’t open locks?

Me: Hmm, I’m stumped. What’s the answer?

Friend: A piano!

Me: Ah, clever one! You got me there.

Activity 12

Try to write a story that you may have heard before using the following points (in about 80 words):

Once upon a time, a crow found a piece of meat and flew to a nearby tree to enjoy it. A clever fox happened to pass by, seeing the crow with its prized possession. With cunning words, the fox suggested to the crow to sing, praising its beautiful voice. The crow, flattered, opened its beak to sing, causing the meat to fall. The fox swiftly grabbed the meat and the crow, saddened by its loss, flew away, wiser but empty-handed.