Uncle Podger Hangs a Picture Question Answer

Uncle Podger” is a character from Jerome K. Jerome’s humorous short story “Three Men in a Boat ” In the story, Uncle Podger is known for being comically inept and accident-prone. He often embarks on simple tasks that turn into chaotic and hilarious misadventures. Here are some questions and answers related to Uncle Podger Hangs a Picture from the story:

Uncle Podger Hangs a Picture Question Answer

Activity 1

(a) The thing which would have come home from the frame-makers is

(i) a picture 

(ii) a carving on wood

(iii) a picture drawn on a piece of cloth

(b) Uncle Podger would take off his

(i) vest

(ii) tie

(iii) coat

(c) Uncle Podger would ask

(i) the boy

(ii) the girl

(iii) the charwoman, for sixpen’orth of nails.

(d) Uncle Podger, at first, would drop the

(i) picture

(ii) hammer

(iii) nail

Activity 2

Identify which of the following statements are True and which are False. Give a supporting statement for each of your answers.

(a) There was a commotion in the house when Uncle Podger undertook a job. [TRUE]

S.S> You never saw such a commotion up and down a house in your life, as when my uncle Podger undertook a job.

(b) Uncle Podger did not want to hang the picture. [FALSE]

S.S> “Oh, you leave that to me.”

(c) Uncle Podger would cut himself and spring round the room searching for his handkerchief. [TRUE]

S.S> He would try to save the glass and cut himself. Then he would spring around the room, looking for his handkerchief.

(d) The second thing that Uncle Podger would lose would be the hammer. [TRUE]

S.S> The nail would be found at last, but by then he would have lost the hammer.

Activity 3

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

(a) Aunt Podger would ask what was to be done with it after the picture came to the house.

(b) Tom was asked to bring the picture and hand it up to Uncle Podger

(c) Uncle Podger would not find the coat as he would be sitting on it.

Activity 4

Answer the following questions:

(a) Name the children of Uncle Podger.

Ans: Uncle Podger’s children were Will, Tom, and Maria.

(b) What did Uncle Podger ask the children to bring for him?

Ans: Uncle Podger asked the children to bring for him sixpen’orth of nails, a hammer, a rule, a step-ladder, a kitchen chair, a light, and a bit of picture cord.

(c) How did Uncle Podger cut himself?

Ans: Lifting up the picture, Uncle Podger would drop it. He would try to save the glass and cut himself.

(d) Why did Uncle Podger want his coat?

Ans: Uncle Podger would cut himself and look for his handkerchief which was in the coat pocket. So Uncle Podger wanted his coat.

(e) Where did he find his coat?

Ans: He found his coat on the chair where he was sitting.

Activity 5

Choose the correct answers from the given alternatives :

(a) Uncle Podger would call us all

(i) intelligent

(ii) careless

(iii) fools

(b) Uncle Podger would slide and fall

(i) on the char-woman’s toes

(ii) on the piano 

(iii) on the chair

(c) Uncle Podger’s work would finish

(i) at around midnight 

(ii) at mid-day

(iii) in the evening

Activity 6

Compete for the sentences with information from the text:

(a) Uncle Podger would lose sight of the mark he had made on the wall.

(b) The string would slip and down he would slide onto the piano trying to reach a point three inches beyond.

(c) Uncle Podger would like doing a job of this sort.

Activity 7